“…Traub knows how to bring out the suggestive and majestic character of the music revealing to the audience the thematic alignment and the contrapuntal treatment demanded by the composer. This was a luxurious experience for the audience, clearly moved by their attention and silence, aware that they were witnessing an artistic event of the utmost relevance.” 

El Mundo, 2017

“Shortly after arriving, he achieved a surprising effect: Each concert was becoming a special event which was what people came to expect. Furthermore, he had managed something not easily achieved: with a seductive charisma, building a bridge between the musicians, the interpretations and the whole audience.” 

Valencia, 2017

“…On his debut, Yaron Traub presented a concert of exceptional artistic beauty, leading the orchestra to give one of its best performances in the last few years”. 

Winnipeg, 2016

I have been music director and chief conductor of the Valencia Orchestra for twelve years, and was deeply moved by the twenty-minute long standing ovation that followed the final chords of my last concert as music director. Receiving such recognition and appreciation evoked in me a sense of gratitude for my extensive tenure as music director, which helped me shape my musical vision and define my personal strengths as a conductor. Hence some personal thoughts about the privileged but highly responsible position of a modern-day music director and chief conductor.

I feel it is essential for a music director to stimulate one’s innate curiosity, and consistently refine one’s style, and expertise as an orchestra-leader; develop musical conceptions and focus on sound, balance, phrasing, and fine ensemble playing.